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How to Handle Family Dental Emergencies during COVID-19

Are you worried about having a dental emergency in your family while the COVID-19 pandemic is going on? Do you feel like you might need immediate dental service, but are unsure of what to do in the middle of a pandemic?

8 Reasons to Schedule Your Next Dental Visit in Rock Hill

US dental statistics are pretty shocking. According to that source, 85% of Americans believe their oral health is important. Yet (in a drop from previous years) 42% of us fail to visit the dentist at least once a year. 

7 Questions to Ask the Dentist Before Your Appointment

It isn't uncommon for some people to put off a visit to the dentist. It's estimated that around 42% of people don't see the dentist as much as they'd like, but some people want to change that.

What Is Family Dentistry?

Did you know that the average American family uses 11 differnet doctors? What about when it's time to visit the dentist? Wouldn't it be great if everyone in your family could visit the same dental office?

How to Know If You Need a Root Canal: 7 Signs and Symptoms

According to the American Dental Association Survey of Dental Services Rendered, more than 15 million root canals are performed each year. And this number has steadily increased since 1999.

When Will Your Child Lose Their Baby Teeth?

It's an exciting milestone for parents when their child loses a baby tooth for the first time. You can start planning out visits from the tooth fairy, capture some adorable gap-toothed photos, and start singing "All I Want for Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth."

Think You Might Have a Cavity? Here's What to Look For

It's sad to imagine that all the sweet treats we love can be a cause of pain and misery through oral problems. Your smile, confidence, and self-esteem could be ruined by poor oral health.

Tooth Replacement: Why Dental Implants Could Be Your Best Option

Americans lose an average of 12 teeth by the time they turn 50. While proper oral hygiene can prevent many cases of tooth loss, some things are beyond our control. 

How does Oral Health Impact Mental Health?

Do you have missing teeth? Are you suffering from tooth decay? Or perhaps you have a hard time smiling because of your yellow or brownish teeth?

Need Dental Implants? Learn What to Expect Before You Go!

Did you know that 3.9 billion people suffer from dental problems? Some of these problems are simple, such as a cavity that needs a filling. Other problems are more severe or they’re cosmetic.

Everything You Need to Know About Sedation Dental Care

Visiting the dentist can be nerve-wracking to some. To help you feel at ease, here's our guide to sedation dental care and how it works.